Embracing IT Candidates, Placement or No Placement

by Jeff Miller on November 13, 2012 in Candidate Job Search, Candidate Treatment

Job InterviewIn our industry, the word “candidate” is extremely popular, a primary “building block” of our existence. Without candidates, companies like EdgeLink would not exist. Thus we decided a long time ago to redefine the meaning and purpose of the word “candidate.” While many might only seek out resources that fit a current client’s need, we build relationships with people because those people make up the very essence of our business model. Here are a few ways that “candidates” migrate into “relationships” at EdgeLink, even if they don’t fit a particular client position.

  1. Hub of Information. Being resourceful to anyone we touch is a way of life. The recruiting and staffing industry has been a keep-my-information-close-to-the-vest business since its inception. Providing information about anything outside of the position at hand is taboo and could be construed as a breach of security. Sure, there are risks that come with sharing, but being a warehouse of valuable information means that we are valuable to people who talk to us. We make it a point to share, placement or no placement.
  2. Free Advice. We aren’t quite qualified to sit behind the couch and listen to your life’s troubles, but we know heck of a lot about landing jobs and launching careers. Having the pulse of the market at our fingertips, we clearly see opportunity at a much larger scale. We have witnessed a slew of career life-cycles firsthand. While building relationships within our markets daily, we make it a point to consume each and every career experience in order to share them with future candidates, placement or no placement.
  3. Referrals. Winning friends and building a following can be quickly accomplished by passing leads and referrals to the right people at the right time. Being a source of golden information will catapult someone’s value as a recruiter into a candidate’s inner circle of trust. Most people in our industry are very reluctant to passing along referrals, but we aren’t. Placement or no placement, we’re always thinking of the big picture.

We believe in all of those old fashion cliche’s like “do unto others,” “what goes around,” and “a friend in need.” We exercise our rights to follow these simple rules in order to make a difference beyond just a transactional placement. We feel an obligation to our community and to all the people we touch to provide opportunity, advice, and information regardless of the outcome. That’s why we’re here for our candidates, placement or no placement.

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