6 Serious Hints You Should Leave Your Job

by Mark Schacter on April 11, 2016 in Candidate Job Search

leave your jobRight now is the perfect time for tech professionals to dive into their job search. The first six months of 2016 were predicted to see a hiring increase and the demand has been right in line. Qualified candidates find that companies will eagerly compensate them for their skills and expertise. Often, several jaw-dropping bids arrive at once. With great job opportunities ripe for the picking, it’s time to ask yourself whether or not you should leave your job.

For some, staying put is the right career move. However, if the below situations are all too familiar, consider fixing up your resume and reigniting your job search.

1.) Your Growth Has Gone Terminal

Boredom is routinely a key cause of job dissatisfaction. What causes you to be bored on the job? When there are no longer challenges to keep you engaged and spur your growth onward.

Growth comes in many forms: promotions, opportunities to lead projects, avenues to learn new skills, and even chances to gain new experiences. If all you ever face is the same old, mundane challenges, your engagement with your day to day work will plummet. Your mind will wander, your performance will drop, and your prestige might even take a hit.

That’s why when your chances for growth are gone and every project rehashes your old achievements, you don’t settle; you break the cycle.

2.) You’re the Odd Man Out

You spend a third of your weekdays at a job. Don’t you want to feel connected to the office? Their vision? The culture? The people? If you feel like an outsider within your own work place, even if the pay is great, the ramifications can be sweeping.

When you are at odds with the prevailing culture, you will not feel the same sense of purpose that your connected coworkers feel. That means your overall happiness will be limited and on-the-job stress will be higher. That can have long-term impacts on your career, your health, and your life outside of the office. You should definitely leave your job long before that happens.

3.) Your Best Talents Sit Idle for Days

You have your own career aspirations. Are they being served by your current job? Sometimes a skill set that you have worked hard to cultivate gets exchanged for one you’d never expect you would value, creating a new career path that you’re excited to pursue. However, when you spend your day working on projects that don’t inspire you, there are two main results.

First, your career begins to go off course. Your timetables for growth may slow and you may end up in further roles that are not satisfying. Second, resentment can build up. As you move further away from the direction of your goal, it’s hard to be motivated. In time, your passion for the job may be sapped. In those cases, the signs are good that you should migrate elsewhere.

4.) Your Boss Is Unsure of How to Use You

Taking the initiative only goes so far. For your career and success to move forward, you need a boss that understands your talents and is willing to let you loose on projects that are inside your wheelhouse. When you spend your day working on tasks below your level or bashing your head up against incompatible work, the frustration begins to take its toll.

A good boss sees what you do best and what you have the potential to do and utilizes your talents. If you aren’t finding that in your current job, it might be time to leave.

5.) Your Employer’s Vision and Goals Are Murky

A company’s goals are important. Think of it this way. When travelling, your map or GPS needs to have a view of the road ahead. What is the final destination? What roadblocks will you encounter? All of these answers are an essential part of your successful arrival.

You also need to know when it’s safe and unsafe to deviate from the planned path and try a short cut. Yet if the way management controls the wheel is as if they are waiting for upcoming road signs to steer their journey, your career is better served elsewhere.

6.) Your Needs Go Neglected

What you want matters and that means more than just your career goals. There are certain qualities you expect from a job and if they are not present, your job just isn’t providing for you.

Whether you aren’t getting a flexible schedule or you are being overworked without using vacation time, it’s important that you take care of yourself. Consider leaving if your current job doesn’t provide for your needs and shows no signs of doing so in the future.

Where to Look When You Decide to Leave Your Job

If many of the above signs are nudging you toward renewing your job search, consider starting soon. Move while the market is still your buffet line. Rather than put all of your effort into searching job boards and sending out a litany of application, we recommend that you work with an IT staffing firm. That way, you can focus on your life while your staffing partner quickly connects you with a position.

At EdgeLink, our recruiters are encouraged to do what is right for the candidate. Our approach is never to mash square pegs into circular slots. We fit the best professionals with companies that are worthy of their talents and suited to their needs. So check out our job page for current opportunities or just send us a quick application.