6 Great Ways to Stay Positive during Your Job Search

by EdgeLink on July 25, 2012 in Candidate Job Search

stay-positive-during-your-job-searchFinding a full time job can be, well, a full time job in itself.  And if you have been searching for employment for two months, six months, twelve months or longer, then it is easy to become jaded and start feeling negative about the experience.  As a job seeker, you’ll find your best successes with a positive attitude, so it is important to develop habits that will help you keep that frame of mind during your search.  Remember, there are two things you can control – Effort and Attitude!  Here are some things you can do to stay motivated and optimistic:

Creating a Routine is the first priority when starting to look for work.  Just because you don’t have to wake up for work at 6 a.m. doesn’t mean that it’s alright to sleep in till noon every day!  You see, it is very easy to get into bad habits.  Not having purpose to get up will only drain you mentally and emotionally.  Creating a daily schedule will encourage you to maintain positive working habits–You will have purpose and direction.

Professional Development/Training is necessary in order to grow in one’s professional field.  While you are out of work, why not take the opportunity to look into any certifications or educational courses that will enhance your knowledge?  Certifications will bring credibility to your job competencies and potentially give you the edge over other candidates that are being considered for a position.  Training courses will also help fill your day with positive, productive activity.

Networking is always worthwhile.  Most experts in the staffing industry would agree that there are many job openings that are never publicly posted, advertised, or marketed to the job seeking community.  Instead, these positions are filled through referrals or networking.  Spend time building positive relationships with other professionals and don’t hesitate to mention that you are seeking employment.  Take advantage of others as a resource when looking for work.  In most cases, those whom you meet are happy to help refer you to jobs or hiring managers. Don’t forget to ask them what you can do to help them as well!

Meditation and reflection can be effective in releasing stress and helping you refocus your efforts.  Find a quiet place in your home, or outside in nature.  Play some soft music,  close your eyes and breathe. The positive effects of meditation are astounding and certainly deserve your consideration. Many successful, well known people, such as celebrities and sports professionals meditate on a regular basis. Employers want optimistic, positive thinking, emotionally balanced people on their teams–Meditation can provide you this kind of balance.

Work Out and stay in shape.  Physical fitness plays a critical role in both your physical and mental health. Many studies provide empirical evidence that one of the effects of fitness on health is lowering stress. Maintaining a good fitness level also builds your immune system.  You want to make sure that you sustain good health during your job search and don’t miss out on an interview opportunity because you are not feeling well.  Don’t be that person who is too sick to show up to a last minute interview request.  Remember, opportunity may only knock once!

Eating right is important while looking for work.  Many people have a tendency to default to fast food dieting because it is cheaper and convenient—but in reality, an unhealthy diet will only hurt your health, and you will ultimately end up paying more for doctor visits and medication. A healthy eating habit gives you energy, helps your mood, controls your weight, and keeps you looking great. It can help you feel better about yourself and support your life in a positive way. Eat right, and feel good!

In summary, always keep in mind that staying active is key toward having a positive attitude.  You may not be working, but putting 100% effort into accomplishing goals should still be an expectation that you hold for yourself.  Believe in yourself and don’t give up!


About the Author: Kahlil John Somera has been in the staffing industry for 13+ years—his greatest take-away: Finding work is about effort, attitude, and timing!