4 Signs You've Found the Right IT Recruiter

by EdgeLink on September 4, 2013 in Candidate Job Search

While the rest of the economy is just starting to come back from high unemployment rates, the IT industry continues to thrive.  According to Dice, the unemployment rate in the technology industry is 3.3%, allowing IT professionals to hold a lot of leverage in the job market.  It’s not uncommon for an IT candidate to receive multiple calls and LinkedIn messages each week from recruiters pitching new opportunities.

Amidst the bombardment of calls and emails, choosing the right recruiter and recruiting company to partner with can be overwhelming.  What factors should you consider to ensure you’re working with a good recruiter and making the best choice for your career?

You Trust Them
Can you trust the recruiter?  If you haven’t started working with them yet, do your research.  Look at the company’s website, social media pages and online reviews to learn more.  Also, check out their LinkedIn page for recommendations and reach out to your network to see if anyone has worked with this recruiter before.

After several interactions, you’ll know if they have your best interest at heart or if they are just trying to hit their monthly goals.  If the latter turns out to be the case, don’t be afraid to break this relationship.  There are plenty of dependable recruiters out there, willing to gain your trust.

They Communicate Openly
The best way for your recruiter to prove his or her trustworthiness is for them to communicate openly and effectively.  They should fill you in about the client and their relationship with them, debrief with you after any interviews and provide you the feedback the client issued.

Not only do you need to have trust in your recruiter, your recruiter needs to know they can rely on you too.  Tell them exactly what you’re looking for in a position, if you’re interviewing at other companies and if you’ve had another offer come in.  Once you’ve found a recruiter that you trust, and they trusts you, you’ll be on your way to working with one of the best.

They Don’t Pressure You
If you’ve successfully partnered with a few good recruiters, you’ll most likely have job offers coming your way.  If your recruiter is pushing you to take their offer, take a step back.  Make sure you consider all your options.  While the offer on the table might be good, the next job offered to you might help propel your career. Sometimes gaining new types of experience and skills can payoff later.

In this market, IT professionals have the opportunity to be more selective with their next career move.  A good recruiter will help you weigh all your options and not push you in one way or another.

They Encourage You to Work with Others
Don’t be afraid to have 2 or 3 recruiters that you are working with.  After all, different recruiting companies have relationships with different clients.  Working with just one could limit your professional growth and industry experience. Good recruiters understand this and will encourage you to work with others.  Finding those select few that you can trust and build a good relationship with is key.

Be careful of working with too many, though.  Not only could juggling multiple relationships be overwhelming, it could also result in you being submitted to the same position twice.  Not a great first impression to the Hiring Manager.

Working with the right recruiters and communicating with them effectively will result in job offers before you know it.   And while having multiple offers is a good problem to have, it’s still a problem.  If the positions are similar on the surface, it can be stressful knowing which opportunity to take.  Lean on your recruiter to help you make the right decision.  They can provide you with insight into the client’s work environment, managers and promotional opportunities.  The right recruiter will sincerely have your best interest at heart and help you be successful in your career.

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