Edgelink: Keeping the Relationship Alive

A good IT staffing firm will be efficient and precise at filling their clients’ open requirements, expedient in responding to client concerns and issues, and adept at gathering additional opportunities for contractor placements. That’s where most staffing firms stop; thinking success lies in filling the position then moving onto the next one as quickly as possible. This strategy could, perhaps, be fiscally responsible and economically beneficial in the short run, but most staffing firms are missing out on the greater value achieved by keeping the contractor relationship alive. This is what separates a ‘good’ staffing firm from the ‘great’ ones.

A great IT staffing firm goes beyond the here and now – past the mechanics of the business and into the realm of relationship building. Sure, getting to know your contractors takes time and money, and many firms don’t believe in the practice of building that relationship with the contractor. This type of ‘care and feeding’ typically takes a back seat when there are perhaps bigger fish to fry, but failing to build a lasting relationship with your contractors is closing the door on any future opportunities the relationship can bring. Continue reading

Early Net Promoter Survey® Results

ResultsIn Q4 of 2012, EdgeLink surveyed a number of clients, contractors and candidates through the Net Promoter Survey program administered by Inavero. Much like the results in early 2012, EdgeLink performed exceptionally well in a number of categories. These initial results are metrics that will be used when the final tallies are in, comparing all numbers across the board with the rest of the participating staffing firms.

The results provide important insight into EdgeLink and some of the key areas that we have outperformed against the market. In conjunction with a recent article, we wanted to share one of the metrics: Continue reading

EdgeLink Philosophy: Giving Back Over the Holidays

holidaySeveral years ago we were preparing for the holiday season: decorating the office, planning office parties, and setting aside our annual holiday card budget. As usual, we were following the normal business tradition of mailing holiday greeting cards; our only input lay in what design to select and what message to write. “Happy Holidays, Edgelink” was the neutral favorite.  As we calculated the funds dedicated to the creation, printing, and postage of these holiday cards, something else rose in our minds. What if this year, we did something beneficial? Something more than a holiday card or a logo-emblazoned gift? That was the year we decided to start giving back… Continue reading

10 Hiring Mistakes Start-ups Should Avoid

The incubator and start-up scene is thriving in a number of cities, including Denver, where our newest office is located. The EdgeLink clientele is comprised of a varying profile of company types spanning F500, SMB, and new start-up organizations. Because our experience is deep across all company profiles, we’ve been able to advise corporations on how to optimize hiring practices in order to find, acquire and retain top IT talent in a highly competitive marketplace. Incorporating all of these elements into a successful human capital life cycle is a very difficult and complex undertaking.

Recently, John Kingdeski of our Denver office, showcased his hiring process thought leadership to a group of RVC members. His presentation centered around 10 common mistakes that start-ups can avoid when hiring their start-up teams; specifically IT talent. Continue reading

5 Reasons to Hire Contract IT

by Kira Dennison Capen, Account Manager – Contract Services


Technical Staffing has become a more viable option for IT departments across multiple verticals. On a more regular basis we are finding our clients are utilizing Contract IT talent which allows companies and hiring managers the flexibility they need to ramp short term projects, align with specific skills sets and mitigate risk. In addition, there are the significant long term benefits of allowing hiring managers more time to accomplish their business goals and manage their employees.

Here are our 5 top reasons to hire contract IT talent: Continue reading