EdgeLink Recruiters are “Freezin’ for a Reason”: Special Olympics Colorado Polar Plunge

EdgeLink at Special Olympics Colorado Polar Plunge

EdgeLink takes the plunge!


It was a cold February day in the state of Colorado. The sun was shining brightly, but not enough to protect us from the piercing chill in the air. A good thousand people gathered for something crazy, something special and something colder than any of us could wrap our minds around…

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Business Networking that’s Easy, Fun and Painless

new tech society logo4 cool events you should know about. 

5 tips to make them work best for you.

Networking. Ugh. The very word conjures up images of sports jacketed dweebs pressing business cards into each others’ sweaty palms in a cheesy hotel ballroom. You might think that, if you want to stay busy doing what you love (or you need to add talent to your own business), that’s the bullet you’ll have to bite. Not so. A few organizations in the Portland and Denver/Boulder tech sectors have figured how to make networking so fun and easy you won’t even know you’re doing it. It won’t feel like work—unless you consider hoisting a pint of beer to be work… Continue reading