One Year in IT Staffing: My Best Advice to Job Seekers

technical confusion

I started working at EdgeLink, an IT staffing firm, just over one year ago. I had no prior recruiting experience and my only involvement with technology was through my own personal use of the internet, iPhone, TV and Facebook. I always believed that I was savvy on a computer and could navigate myself through just about any problem that I encountered. But after just one day at EdgeLink, my head started spinning and I quickly realized that I really didn’t know anything at all… Continue reading

10 Steps to Successful Networking

business networkingWhether you are actively looking for a new job, have no immediate plans to change jobs, or are simply poking your head out to see what is out there, building your network is vital to your career advancement.

The professional climate can change as quickly as an autumn day in the Northwest and the more people you have in your network, the easier it will be to “weather the storm.”  Below are 10 important steps you can take to ensure you will not be left in the cold the next time you find yourself looking for a new career opportunity. Continue reading