Gina Storey

Senior Technical Recruiter


Gina is a Senior Technical Recruiter at EdgeLink, responsible for recruiting IT professionals, maintaining long-term relationships with candidates, and most importantly, positively impacting the lives of everyone she has the pleasure of meeting. She works closely with her colleagues to provide the best-matched opportunities and provide her candidates with multiple resources, and coaches and mentors them through the process of searching for their next great job.

Gina came to EdgeLink in the fall of 2007 with 23 years of retail management experience, where she found herself a natural at recruiting professional.

Gina lives in Clackamas County with a rather diverse family including a husband and an eclectic team of fur, shelled and Gilled babies. “My passion is anything animals and Nature. My post retirement dream is to open an animal rescue and sanctuary for dogs, cats and reptiles. If I could live anywhere I would live somewhere on the California Coast.”

“I love to Garden and watch my backyard birds, ride my Harley, hike, go to Hillsboro Hops games and travel anywhere near an ocean. At the end of the day the things that make me the happiest are not things but rather the time I spend with those that mean everything to me.”

Getting the Edge on Gina

Something no one knows about you:
I am shy. I was a leg hugger as a child.

Worst job:
Sales Associate at Meier and Frank at Lloyd Center: This was a great job because it paid for my college and I met some great people there. It also introduced me to the public. Yikes!!! I cried the first time I got yelled at by a customer. I wound up staying there for several years and was promoted to a management role. I met some lifelong friends there.

First job:
Sales Associate at Meier and Frank at Lloyd Center

Favorite quote:
Take nothing but pictures leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.

Favorite thing to do outside of work:
Hanging out with my dog Miss Brown and my eclectic gang of critters.

Who inspires you?
Martin Luther King and Dalai Lama

Embarrassing story about yourself:
Too embarrassed to tell.

Things your mother would approve of:
My compassion for animals

Favorite food:

Favorite music:
Eagles, Chicago, Train, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5

Favorite hobbies:
Anything animals, Hiking, Bird Watching, Tide Pooling, Shopping, and Riding my Harley

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