The Benefits of Technology Permanent Placement Services

These days it’s easier than ever for a job seeker to seek out employment opportunities. There are the job boards, chuck full with every type of job posting you can think of. You can perform a Google search and get served up hundreds of potential hits for what you seek. Of course there is also LinkedIn and even Facebook available to today’s job hunter. In fact, looking for a new job can turn into a full time job before long. With so many options available, why would you look to an Technology staffing firm for permanent employment placement?

To begin with, the world of prospecting can be a daunting place, and if you’re not targeted and disciplined, you can spend the majority of your time pursuing positions that aren’t likely to yield tangible opportunity. For the candidate, here are a few reasons why permanent placement through an Technology staffing firm makes sense:
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Reading Between the Lines in a Short Job Description

Reading Between the LinesJava developer; network engineer; oracle DBA – impressive buzz words that convey the technical aspects of a job, but nothing more than this can certainly leave much to the imagination. According to, a job specification is a statement of employee characteristics and qualifications that are required for satisfactory performance of defined duties and tasks comprising a specific job or function. An effective job spec should convey not only the technical aspects of the position, but provide an overview of the performance and expectations required from the contractor. But what if the job spec isn’t more than just a few buzz words? How can a candidate learn to read between the lines in a short job description to determine if it’s the right position? Continue reading

Start-ups and VC: Is Crowdfunding the Next Big Thing?

crowdfunding pic

Riding the Crowdfunding Wave

I admit it. As a recruiter, I am fascinated with start-ups. In my 14+ years of recruiting experience I have had the pleasure of working with many start-ups. Some have made it to IPO stage, some were acquired by brand-name companies and others, well, weren’t as fortunate. Such is the life of a start-up.

Besides the necessity of having a viable concept and market demand, the lack of funding is often the death knell for company’s success. Over the past decade we’ve seen an increasing number unconventional investors come up with some creative ways to find and fund new start-ups.

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